Our tourniquet functions better than expensive devices, but can be produced using 3D-printed parts for a fraction of the price.

Glia Tourniquet on Github

Why The Tourniquet?

A tourniquet is a constricting or compressing device used to control arterial and venous blood flow to a portion of an extremity for a period of time which reducing hemorrhagic deaths from limbs.

In some disaster areas there has been an urgent need to use tourniquets, as many of non-fatal injuries died as a result of severe bleeding before reaching the medical centers. Some of these areas under siege where medical supplies cannot be delivered. Therefore, alternatives had to be found.

Using open source techniques, we created the device and designed it for mixed adult and pediatric use.

Tourniquets field-tested over the last year, the resulting tourniquets could be manufacturing using 3D-printing technique for just $7.00. while CAT tourniquets costs USD$50 per unit

With more than 1700 printed, the Glia tourniquet is already helping to save lives.

Currently, tourniquet is being deployed in where there is a dire need for it because of the political situation there. Medical specialists in emergency and crisis management, began training the medical stuff on the use of tourniquet, also distributing it to the trainees and the specialized centers for use in emergencies.

Our tourniquet is being introduced in medical environments where tourniquet may not have been used or in areas under siege where medical supplies cannot be delivered, such as Gaza.